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If you own a bottle of our Body Oil, you might have noticed the delicate red threads that constitute it’s formulation. These are sourced from none other than the saffron crocus flower, also known as the Crocus sativus - a vivid lavender hued bloom that originates in Asia and the Middle East and produces three yellow styles from which the crimson hued stigma are obtained. These stigma are then hand plucked and dried to produce the exotic threads of saffron - the spice that is prized the world over for its many benefits to the skin and hair and used in countless food and drink preparations.

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world and for good reason; each flower produces only three strands and blooms for just one week every year. Saffron is also harvested entirely by hand at a specific time of the day (mid-morning, when the flowers are still closed) to protect the delicate stigma inside. Fun fact: It takes more than ten thousand flowers to produce just an ounce of saffron!

While we love to use spice in our hair and skin rituals, there are a few ways by which we can inculcate it in our meals as well. Saffron provides immeasurable benefits to the body - both internally and externally - and is a true investment; a little goes a long way.

-Add it to a glass of milk

The next time you want to perk up your drink, add a couple of threads of saffron to it. Research suggests that the spice works wonders at boosting your memory and learning ability and is a great way to kick start your day. 

-Soak overnight with 5-6 raisins

If you suffer through extreme PMS symptoms, this is an excellent alternative to start your day with (we can personally vouch for it!). The saffron, along with the soaked raisins, helps to alleviate some of the most common symptoms of PMS such as irritability, headaches, cravings and pain.

-Mix with your favorite oil for a healthy mane

The next time you oil your hair, add a couple of threads of saffron to it; the spice works like magic for a healthy scalp and mane. Alternatively, you can also use our Body Oil which comes pre-infused with saffron and 24K gold.

-Soak overnight in water for an instant pick-me-up for the skin

Splashing your face with saffron infused water can instantly refresh the skin and give you that much needed boost to start your day. Saffron aids in glowing skin and is also a great way to combat acne.

-Reset and recharge with the UMM Skincare Body Oil

Our power duo of the Body Oil and Kansa Wand is perfect to use at the end of a long day or whenever you need some extra tlc. Packed with a potent blend of organic oils and 24K gold and saffron, the oil (especially when used in combination with the Kansa Wand) works wonders at helping the skin recover from daily damage and restore its natural moisture barrier.

While we can personally vouch for the above benefits and the authenticity of our product offering, we strongly suggest you to consult with a doctor or perform a patch test before attempting any of them yourself.

-Soha Joshi

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