Our Philosophy and Process


Our Philosophy

Elevated Ayurvedic bathing rituals made accessible to contemporary lifestyles.

We believe in the transformative power of time-tested holistic skin health that enhances skin quality inside and out. Not everyone has access to the wisdom of these timeless Ayurvedic beauty practices or the expertise to blend adaptogenic medicinal healing herbs, so we did the hard work for you.

Our farm-to-skin formulations are consciously developed in collaboration with Ayurvedic doctors, Medicinal taxonomists & dermatologists to improve the quality of your skin dramatically. Rooted in Ayurvedic rituals and backed by the most advanced scientific knowledge, UMM brings you the best of both worlds to bridge the gap between internal skin health and external skincare.

Your journey to better skin health begins here.


Our Process 

Conscious Ingredients: We only choose sustainable and natural ingredients. Where possible, our ingredients are certified organic & sourced from origin. Each ingredient is carefully cross-checked for information on health and safety hazards, including hormone disruption & toxicity. 

 Purposeful Ingredient sourcing: We source our ingredients from farmers practicing organic and sustainable farming methods directly from the origin. 

R & D: Our research and development team has a vast educational component. We work with a dedicated team of a world-renowned Ayurvedic doctor, a holistic dermatologist & a Ph.D. in medicinal botany to formulate a unique multi-functional high, performance product portfolio. 

Manufacturing practices:  Our soil-to-shelf traceable manufacturing approach ensures that our ingredients preserve their freshness, nutritional vigor, and bioactive constituents. They are manufactured in small batches, ensuring that harmful chemical preservatives that disrupt the environment are not part of the preservative portfolio. 

Packaging: Our containers are made of glass, aluminum, or PP5 plastics as they are easily recyclable and reusable.