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Ayurveda-Inspired Bathing Practices During Pregnancy

26 Dec, 2022

Ayurveda-Inspired Bathing Practices During Pregnancy

Ayurveda prescribes numerous practices that cater to the well-being of pregnant women. Many of these practices can be easily incorporated into your daily bath routine. Following Ayurvedic bathing rituals specially designed for the prenatal period can be extremely beneficial and relaxing for the physical, mental, and spiritual development of the mother and the baby.
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Ayurvedic oil massage before a rejuvenating Indian bath ritual

12 Dec, 2022

Indian Bathing Rituals to Elevate Your Shower Experience

Indian bathing rituals are rooted in centuries of tradition and Ayurvedic research. One major difference between them and the showers we are used to today is the intention. The traditional Indian bathing ritual is a mindful and holistic experience that places immense emphasis on being present and conscious during the process, making the bath itself an intimate and intentional act. It encourages a meditative state, coaxing us to slow down and pay attention, building a connection between ourselves and our surroundings. It offers a special moment of solitude where we can tune out of our busy schedules - a true luxury in our fast-paced lives. 
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