Turmeric Milk Recipe

Turmeric Milk Recipe

The weather is getting cooler and as we slip into fall, it’s important to keep our body nourished with lots of warm water and warm drinks and if you’re looking for ideas on the latter, our Haldi Doodh aka Turmeric Milk aka Golden Milk recipe might be just what you’re looking for. 

As a kid, I rarely gave this drink a second glance but now with time, have learnt to appreciate it SO MUCH for all the wonderful benefits it can give us. Aside from it’s uniquely delicious taste, one of the reasons I love to have turmeric milk is for it’s ability to aid in the treatment of so many skin problems (acne, inflammed skin, scars and so many others!) because of it’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric milk is also a fantastic antiseptic and blood purifier, helping in the treatment of many of our bodies’ internal conditions such as PCOs, digestive trouble and hormonal problems. It can also improve quality of sleep and drinking turmeric milk just before bedtime ensures a sound, restful sleep that will leave you waking up bright and refreshed. 

To make your own glass of turmeric milk, here’s what you’ll need:





A pinch of turmeric

Pepper powder


Bring milk to a boil and allow to cool.

When it has slightly cooled down, add turmeric powder (or paste) and pepper powder. You can also add a sweetener of your choice.

Stir the milk so that the powders blend in well. Pour into a cup or glass and garnish with saffron and cardamom.

Enjoy it at night just before bedtime to ensure you get all it’s benefits!

Soha Joshi
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