Tomato Dal

Tomato Dal

To those of who have grown up in India or eating Indian food, the humble dal needs no introduction. This ubiquitous Indian staple is a part of every meal and is paired with rice, an ingenious combination that works to regulate glycemic index and ensure a steady blood sugar response. While the type of dal and style of cooking it can vary (like much of Indian cuisine) depending on the region, it remains an excellent source of protein (great if you’re a vegetarian and looking to incorporate natural protein options into your diet) and dietary fibre that regulates blood sugar. Masoor dal - a variant of dal that is popular in the states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan - is packed with essential nutrients that promotes clear skin and helps prevent acne while toor dal (used in the recipe below) is commonly found in South Indian households and is a powerful source of folic acid, making it extremely beneficial for pregnant women.

Check out out delicious tomato dal recipe below that is made with the goodness of toor dal, tomatoes and traditional Indian spices:


1 tsp Mustard Seeds

1 tsp Cumin Seeds

1 tsp Turmeric

Curry Leaves


2 chopped tomatoes

2 Cooked Split Pigeon Peas




Heat oil in a pan until it starts spluttering.

To the spluttering oil mix, add a tsp of mustard seeds, cumin seeds, gram dal.

Add curry leaves and chili to the spice mix.

Once the mixture starts giving off a flavourful aroma, add 2 chopped tomatoes and allow to cook. Add a tsp of turmeric as the tomatoes cook.

Add 2 cups of cooked split pigeon peas (aka toor dal) and allow to cook until you achieve a smooth + creamy consistency. Add salt as per preference.

Enjoy with plain, cooked rice + a spoonful of ghee to soak in all the benefits of this traditional Indian meal.

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Soha Joshi

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