Summer Dessert ft the re.lax tisane

Summer Dessert ft the re.lax tisane

We love a good balance. Whether it is eating clean throughout the week and treating ourselves to a glass of red wine over the weekends or allowing ourselves a day (or two) to sleep in late, we are conscious believers of the idea that life is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated in all it's perfectly imperfect ways; there is too much to do to restrict ourselves to just one way of doing (or as it turns out, eating) something.

When we set out to formulate our products, we wanted our community to be able to incorporate them quickly (and effectively) into their ever-changing lifestyles - however it looked for them. And while our teas can be had both hot and iced, we've found an even more delicious way that is appropriate for summer (but for true frozen dessert enthusiasts, any season really) and really easy (comes together in under five minutes!) and still gives you all the mental and physical benefits of a traditional Ayurvedic tea blend.

Check out the ingredients + recipe below:


🍦 one scoop vanilla ice cream
🧊 chilled re.lax tisane brew
🍯 maple syrup OR honey
🥄 ground cardamom
🌹 fresh rose petals


Scoop out the vanilla ice cream in a bowl.

Pour the chilled re.lax tisane brew over and add honey OR maple syrup over it as desired.

Sprinkle ground cardamom for an extra burst of flavour + nutrients and garnish with fresh rose petals.

Best enjoyed with your loved ones on a sunny day!

Soha Joshi

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