Indian Dishes For The Holiday Season

Indian Dishes For The Holiday Season

We don’t know about you, but for us, the holidays mean three things: time for much-needed self-care, days filled with family and friends and of course, food! What we consume during this season can have a big impact on our well-being and can also affect how we interact with the world around us. And while we’re not asking you to stop indulging in a slice of cake or enjoy a glass of wine with your partner, we want to help you find (and make - for yourself and for those moments when you find yourself slipping into hostess mode during this time of the year!) the perfect dish that echoes the decadence of the season but still helps you stay happy, content and at peace with yourself and your body.


Earlier this year, we shared a recipe for Baked Cauliflower Fritters and in the spirit of the season, we wanted to share it once again! It is the perfect dish to kickstart an evening with your family and friends and SO easy to make. Whether you’re enjoying it with a glass of red wine or a cup of tea, it makes for the perfect healthy appetizer for you to indulge in.

Click here for the recipe.


You know we can’t pass up an opportunity to talk about one of our most favorite dishes ever - khichadi. Renowned in Ayurveda for it’s incredible ability to nourish the body from the inside out, it is perfect for those quiet, intimate evenings and makes for a deliciously healthy meal that can be eaten by everyone. It is also vegan and gluten free - we suggest eating it hot with a spoonful of ghee and Indian style papad.

Click here for the recipe.


Since it’s the season of going all out, we have *two* dessert recipes for you - a classic, Indian style kheer AND a chocolate mousse (that is made with nothing but chocolate chips + avocado!). You can serve your kheer both warm and chilled (making it a great option to try for daytime gatherings!) and by itself or with a slice of cake or a scoop of ice cream while the chocolate mousse is perfect to wrap up a great meal just by itself.

Click here for the kheer recipe and here for the chocolate mousse recipe.

What is your favorite dish to make (and feed) this season? Share with us here + don’t forget to tag us in all your recipe recreations!

Soha Joshi

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