Indian Chutney Recipe

Indian Chutney Recipe

Chutneys are an ubiquitious Indian staple that are versatile, delicious and very easy to make! One of the reasons that I love chutney so much is for it’s ability to pair well with all kinds of cuisines  - I myself love to enjoy it with everything from a slice of sourdough bread to a bowl of dal and rice. It comes together really quickly too and is packed with just the right amount of flavour + nutrients to keep your body and skin healthy and glowing!


1 Onion 

1 tsp of each (peanuts, split white and channa lentils)

Curry leaf 




Olive Oil 


-Heat 2 tsp of olive oil in a pan.

-Add the above ingredients except salt, onions and turmeric.

-Fry until it starts to turn light brown.

-Add onions and turmeric sauté in medium flame for ten minutes.

-Blend them once cooled with salt. 

Enjoy with your favorite meal and don’t forget to share photos with us here!

Soha Joshi

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