How To Use The Kansa Wand

How To Use The Kansa Wand

Back in 2017, UMM founder Anisha Vinjamuri took a trip back to her homeland for an intensive few months spent immersing herself in the history and science of Ayurveda. And while she’d heard about it before, it was here that she had a chance to experience for herself the magic of the Kansa Wand.

First discovered almost 5000 years back, the tool has been an integral part of the wellness rituals of Indian men and women since centuries but it is only now that the Western world has come around to it’s many benefits that extend, as it often does in Ayurveda, beyond what you can see with the physical eye. Made of a kansa (an alloy of copper + tin) tip and a rare teakwood base, the UMM Skincare Kansa Wand is directly sourced from artisans in India - effectively guaranteeing it’s authenticity and efficacy. The wand is the perfect addition to your wellness ritual and helps to refresh and rejuvenate your skin, diminish the appearance of fine lines, smoothen out wrinkles and tighten the jawline and cheekbones for skin that is healthy and radiant from the inside out. The Kansa Wand, or rather it’s metal tip, is also helpful in balancing the pH levels of the skin - effectively helping prevent acne and reduce inflammation over time.

The Kansa Wand is useful when used on a number of different parts of the body (and not just the face); we love to use the wand on the scalp, face, arms and legs for a complete experience. Scroll down to read our guide on the different ways that you can use the Kansa Wand:


Tap here to check out our Kansa Wand in action.

Soha Joshi

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