Gotu Kola - An Ayurvedic Wellness Gem

Gotu Kola - An Ayurvedic Wellness Gem

Hailed as the herb of longevity, Gotu Kola is an Ayurvedic wellness staple and is traditionally referred to as Brahmi. The plant is indigenous to the wetlands of Southeast Asia and is commonly consumed in teas, juices and in the form of a green leafy vegetable. It is believed to boost brainpower and promote liver and kidney health. It is also pegged by medical practitioners to have antimicrobial, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, and memory-enhancing properties.

This potent herb works wonders at treating a range of both mental and physical disorders; Gotu Kola is beneficial for treating everything from Alzheimer’s to depression and also has a potent impact on the quality of your skin. Take a look at some of the ways by which you can benefit from consuming Gotu Kola, which also makes up an important part of the formulations of the UMM Skincare teas.

As a mood-booster

Gotu Kola has long been used as a memory enhancing and mood boosting tonic. It also works to reduce anxiety by reducing the activity of neurotransmitters known as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). 2 Asiatic acid is the compound in Gotu Kola that is believed to trigger this effect upon consumption. Consuming the herb in the form of a tea can work wonders at reducing fatigue that can improve a person’s short term memory. Moreover, reduced anxiety and a feeling of calmness can also translate to better concentration and memory retention.

For disease prevention

Gotu Kola contains potent antioxidant properties that help in neutralising free radicals and reducing cell damage at the molecular level. Asiatic acid, found in Gotu Kola, has been shown in ongoing research to induce apoptosis (spontaneous cell death) and inhibit cell growth activity in certain types of cancer cells, including liver, breast, skin, brain, and gastrointestinal tumor cells. Gotu Kola is also beneficial in treating leprosy.

For healthy skin

Triterpenoids are responsible for stimulating collagen synthesis and are found in Gotu Kola, which lends to its ability to encourage the production of collagen and increase antioxidant levels in the newly formed tissue. This can also keep the skin from sagging. Gotu Kola is also known to contain vitamins B and C, along with phytonutrients such as flavonoids, volatile oils, tannins and polyphenol which can promote wound healing and contain antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

These are just some of the ways by which Gota Kola can benefit you; it also helps in improving blood circulation, treating Alzheimer’s disease and may even help in treating insomnia. Our teas are a great way to incorporate this potent Ayurvedic staple into your daily wellness ritual and with regular consumption, work amazingly well to improve your overall well-being 

-Soha Joshi

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