All About Bodycare

All About Bodycare

Body care for us goes beyond just the products that we use; quite often it is an intentional mix of the food that we eat, how much (and if at all) we stay hydrated, how often we move and whether we treat our bodies with the love, kindness and respect that she deserves. It is also important to understand that taking care of our bodies is largely dependent on how we work to cultivate a dialogue with ourselves - every thought that we have and every word that we speak has the ability to impact the health of our body. Here are some of the ways that we practice body care:

1. Strike a balance with your food

Eating right is not as much about eating what is prescribed to you by someone else as it is about understanding what your body needs (and when!). This will require some time, attention and compassion on your part but know and understand that eating a slice of cake once a week or drinking an extra glass of wine occasionally is not going to affect you as much as depriving yourself of your favorite foods altogether will.

2. Stay hydrated

We cannot stress this enough. Drinking water has so many amazing benefits both inside your body and on it’s surface and it’s important to get in at least eight glasses of water every single day. Warm water works best for your body, but if you cannot do it, even regular water is just fine.

3. Pick products that are made for the skin on your body

A good body care routine includes products that help you cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize the skin on your body - a part of us that we quite often fail to attend to. If you’re having trouble understanding the kind of products that you should be using, send us a DM here!

4. Get moving!

Anything that you can do to get moving and start working out is great - yoga, weight training, running, dancing all have the ability to provide you with the many wonderful benefits that working out gives. If you are wondering where to begin - start with just once a week and gradually build up to five times a week with a trainer or specialist.

5. Be mindful of how you talk to your body

Our bodies hear everything that we say to them and that is why it is important to always be kind, respectful and loving with our thoughts + words.

How do you practice bodycare? Let us know here.

Soha Joshi

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