It’s the start of a new year and here at UMM HQ, we are excited to dive into the first working day of 2021. The last year has been difficult for more reasons than one, but we are grateful for the chance to start anew with our community. While it’s customary for so many of us to set resolutions and map out goals for the new year, we intend to work on ours a little differently this year. Whether it’s a fitness goal or a professional milestone, we are taking the time this year to stay mindful and balanced through it all. At UMM Skincare, we focus on more than just your external well-being and we wanted to make sure that our resolutions for this year reflect just that.

-Give back

Giving back to our community has been one of the core pillars upon which UMM Skincare was founded and this year, we are looking forward to investing in it more than ever. Over the years, we have dedicated our time, energy and resources (and so many of our products) to organisations and individuals who need it the most and we are excited to continue working towards impacting even more lives and businesses this year.

If you are an organisation or individual looking to partner with us, we look forward to hearing from you at anisha@ummskincare.com

-Prioritize our mental health

2020 afforded us the time and gave us the direction that we needed to focus on our own selves. In the months to come, we hope to be able to be able to continue working on ourselves and prioritize our mental health, which means working hard but also setting out time to connect with ourselves through the mediums that speak to us.

-Focus on more than just our external hearth

While this might sound ironic coming from a wellness brand with a significant number of skincare products in their offering, we strongly believe that the key to great skin is a body that functions well - both internally and externally. This year, we intend to set some time to work on integrating a holistic nutrition plan and sustainable sleeping schedule into our routines and we are looking forward to sharing some tips with our community as well; stay tuned to our Instagram for more.

-Find what energizes us

For so many of us, 2020 was a pivotal turning point and the lockdowns afforded us ample opportunity to turn to activities that we could not find time for otherwise. If you were lucky enough to find something in the last twelve months that you enjoyed, think about how you can incorporate more of it into your schedule this year. If you didn’t, try and set aside some time this year to find what energises you.

-Take care of ourselves

Whether that means indulging in a skincare ritual, taking a day off or eating better, taking care of yourself - both mentally and physically - is important. This year, we are excited to continue doubling down on our efforts to prioritise ourselves and the activities that we enjoy and the people who we love.

-Soha Joshi

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