Background on Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, which originated in ancient India more than 5000 years ago is probably the world's oldest system of natural medicine, When translated its name means "Science of Life", and it stems from the ancient body of spiritual teachings known as Vedas.Some medical historians believe that Ayurveda was also the original basis for Chinese Medicine.

Ayurveda is an integrated system of specific theories and techniques that use diet, herbs, exercise, meditation, yoga and massage or bodywork. The goal of Ayurveda is to achieve optimal health on all levels: Physical, Psychological and Spiritual.

Is UMM Skincare for Women only?

Our product line caters to all genders. We also carry a pet line that is formulated specifically for dogs.

How is UMM Skincare different from other natural products?
We believe in providing a product experience that is far greater in quality & luxury. True success for us is to give you a fantastic experience and walk you though a sensory journey that is kind to your skin and gentle towards Mother Earth. Every component form sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, curating & presentation is taken into utmost attention and careful consideration. You will experience more than a skincare product when you purchase UMM’s products.
Are your products Vegan?
Some of our products are Vegan. Please check an individual product's ingredient list and specific callouts on label if you are looking specifically for Vegan products.
Are all your products natural?

Almost all of our products naturally derived. Each individual item will have specific callout on the % of natural origin and the % organic ingredients.

Is your manufacturing facility FDA compliant?

Yes, all our contract manufacturing facilities are FDA compliant and ISO certified.

Are you USDA certified?
No, we are not USDA certified. However, we source ingredients from farmers that are certified.
Do you use preservatives?
Some of our products have preservatives. All of our preservatives are paraben-free and do not contain any harmful chemicals.
What is the shelf life?
Most of our products are handcrafted fresh. Some products do not contain any preservatives and some are stabilized with safe and preferably natural preservatives. For peak freshness, use the product within 6 months. 
Like all natural and organic produce, our product may spoil and breakdown.
I see a sight difference in fragrance or appearance of products purchased in different batches, is something wrong?
Please remember that most of our products are mostly organic & natural. We do not use artificial colors in most cases. Therefore, sometimes color, odor and texture can vary due to the organic nature of the ingredients. We recommend storing products in a climate-controlled environment to extend shelf life and maintain the products natural state.
Are your products used to treat any health concerns?
No, none of our products are prescribed to treat any health concerns or skin conditions. All information provided on out site and on the product is for educational purpose only. Please consult your physician before using any new product.
Can I return the products?
Unfortunately, due to contamination issues we cannot take returns. If you have any additional questions about how to order product or what you're looking to receive, we encourage you to contact our support team before purchasing.
We're happy to help!
I placed an order online, what can I expect?
Orders will receive an automated email. Once the product is shipped you will receive an email with tracking number. If you have trouble tracking your package please contact us. After an order is placed, please allow 2-3 business days for the product to be shipped. Standard handling and shipping times apply. We do our  best to ship your order and deliver it to you as quickly as possible.
Do you have a physical location?
Currently, we are an online store only.  All are sales are are processed through our website. However, we would love to love connect with local customers at our studio. Also, please subscribe to our mailing list for more information about local special events and announcements from us. We are working on bringing our "pop-up experience" to other states as well.
Do you offer a pickup option for local customers?
A: Yes! We are located in BellevueWA and love connecting with local customers at our studio. Our local pickup hours for now are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-5 PM. Orders must be placed online prior to pickup and the "local pickup" item must be added to your cart in order to enable this option. Location details will be sent once the order is placed.