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The Luxury Bath Ritual


 Transport yourself to the opulent world of ancient Royal Indian bathing rituals, meticulously reimagined to cater to the contemporary exotic lifestyle. Our Luxury Spa Bundle offers a transformative spa experience that transcends ordinary skincare routines, awakening your senses and illuminating your inner radiance.

Introducing The Luxury Spa Bundle, a collection of exquisite indulgences that promise a truly splendid journey:

The Body Oil: A golden opulence that caresses your skin, leaving it with a luminous sheen.

The Radiance Exfoliating Masque: A precious gem infused with timeless beauty secrets, unveiling a flawless complexion.

The Saffron Soap: A bar of unparalleled luxury, enriched with the essence of saffron to cleanse and pamper your skin.

The Body Scrub: A n exfoliating ritual that unveils your skin's natural luminosity, one nourished being at a time.

The Body Crème: A velvety embrace of hydration that leaves your skin feeling like royalty.

The Elixir: An enchanting potion brimming with the essence of ancient wisdom, bestowing vitality and serenity. Our crown glory and the Kohinoor of body elixirs.

The Diya: A symbol of enlightenment, illuminating your sacred space with a warm and soothing glow.

Immerse yourself in the splendor of The Luxury Spa Bundle, where every product is a treasure, every application a ritual, and every moment a celebration of your own radiant beauty. Indulge in the extraordinary, for you deserve nothing less.

Directions: Please refer to the individual product pages for specific directions on each product.


Ingredients: For ingredient information, please reference each product page. 


Cruelty-Free I Paraben Free I Phthalate Free| Dye Free I Synthetic Fragrance-Free | Toxin Free



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