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Kansa Wand


What is a Kansa Wand?

 The Kansa wand is a traditional Ayurvedic wooden-handled massage tool with a Kansa metal tip, which is pure bronze. (Lead-free alloy of copper and tin).  It is used for massaging the whole body, feet & face. Umm Kansa wand is sourced from artisans in India who hand make this renowned tool for generations. The natural wood is made of teak.

     How to use the Kansa wand?

      Kansa wand massage on the face 

    • Apply the body oil all over your face.
    • Place the wand at the center of your forehead and glide it smoothly in a circular manner. Repeat the pattern until the entire area has been covered. This motion enables the blood on your head to flow properly, making you feel gradually relaxed.
    • Change pattern by moving the wand in a parallel motion across the forehead. It’s like you’re pushing the wand from the inner portion moving to the hairline. This pattern has to be uniform with a light force. It makes detoxification possible while leaving the skin rejuvenated and toned.

    Kansa wand massage on the body:     

    • Start with applying the body oil on the area of your body you wish to massage.
    • On your neck, move the Kansa up and down, starting on the right side of your neck where a lot of tension is held. Then, move to the right shoulder and work on it. 
    • Moving on to your arms, rub the Kansa through the length of your arms from the base of the shoulder down to your hand. Repeat the motion.
    • When working on your stomach, you could sit with your back straight or lie down. Move the Kansa over your belly in a clockwise manner. You could also go a bit deeper down to the lowest portion of the stomach. Repeat.
    • Work on your legs by bringing one up at a time. Then, glide the Kansa from the inner leg going up to the thigh, moving to the outer portion.
    • The last portion to work at is on your feet and toes. Making small rotations on each of your toes have beneficial effects on your internal organs.

    Cleaning your Kansa wand:

    Use a chemical free soap to wash the metal dome part of the wand. Rinse with cold water & dry it with a towel.


    *Price does not include the Body Oil, its for Kansa Wand only*

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