Cabbage Curry - Wholesome Nutrition For Your Soul

Cabbage Curry - Wholesome Nutrition For Your Soul

As a young girl from the city of Hyderabad in South India, founder of UMM Skincare Anisha Vinjamuri grew up eating the local cuisine - which included everything from elaborate rice dishes to fresh local vegetables. A dish she fondly remembers eating (and the memories of which she carried with her all the way to the United States) is Cabbage Curry - a delicious cooked vegetable dish that is traditionally eaten with rice or the local bread. Here in Seattle, Anisha preferred to tailor the recipe to suit her lifestyle; she still wanted to get all the benefits of eating wholesome food but in a way that worked for her.

This Cabbage Curry can be eaten just by itself as a cooked salad or with a serving of rice and beans. You can even give your tacos a delicious + healthy twist and use it as a filling! Check out the how-to below:

🥬 Chop cabbage and sauté it in the oil of your choice. I switch between both olive and coconut oil. 

🧂Add salt, turmeric, chopped coriander and some chopped green chili. Cover + cook for 10 minutes.

🍋 Add some freshly squeezed lemon and serve as a salad or with a side of rice or beans + tofu. You can even use it as a taco filling! 😍 

🥩 Ayurveda is primarily a vegetarian diet, but you can always blend in elements that work well for you! I occasionally add shredded lean meat to the mix for my protein option 🥰

Anisha XO

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