Body Oil - How To Use And Why It Is Important

Body Oil - How To Use And Why It Is Important

Our Body Oil is a multifaceted gem with benefits that extend well beyond the skin. Thoughtfully formulated with a power packed organic blend of almond, jojoba, sesame, safflower and grapeseed oils and infused with 24K gold flakes and luxurious saffron threads, the oil works at hydrating and softening the skin and repairing the original skin barrier. The infusion of gold and saffron also provides a host of antioxidants while improving skin health. The Bode Oil also contains Ashwagandha Root Oil that deeply penetrates into the skin and restores the skin’s natural elasticity and suppleness.

Check out some of the ways by which you can incorporate this wellness wonder into your skincare rituals:

As a scalp conditioner + frizz control
Apply a few drops of oil directly to your scalp and gently massage it in with your fingertips. You can also take a few drops into your palm and apply a few drops of oil to the ends of your hair or all over for dry and dull hair. Leave it in overnight as a pre-conditioning treatment for your hair or apply a couple of drops after washing your hair to control frizz. The oil is deeply conditioning and works well for all hair and scalp types, but especially if you suffer from a dry and itchy scalp.

As a facial oil
Take a few drops into your palms and massage all over your face and neck. For an added boost, massage the oil in with the Kansa wand in a slow, circular motion. Leave it in as a masque before you take a shower or wash your face and especially if you are using retinol or salicylic acid for exfoliation. The oil works very well with all gentle peels, even as a post-procedure treatment. For exceptionally dry skin, use the oil as a serum for an added layer of moisturization after cleansing your face.

As a Body Oil
Apply generously after the shower when you skin is still a little damp as this is when your skin will absorb most of the oil. The Bode Oil is crafted to provide deep hydration without leaving a greasy residue on the skin. Depending on your skin type, blend in the oil with your lotion or simply skip it altogether.

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Soha Joshi

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