Party With Umm

Bespoke Service
Bespoke: [bəˈspōk] adj.  
Made according to the specifications of an individual.  
Celebrate a special event by creating a bespoke piece, entirely unique to you and your guests, handcrafted from start to finish!
Birthday parties, wedding parties, special events, sweet 16s to blowout 50ths, ladies’ night out, risqué bachelor/ette shindigs, pet parties, corporate events, holiday parties and maybe just a little weekend pampering.
It’s a great way to show your love and appreciation for special guests and simultaneously know that you are helping the planet, plants and pets through our “We Care” program. A percentage of all sales go towards these causes.
What to expect:
Choose from our pre-curated power bundles or customize your own.
Add-on+ customized letters and notes for each individual order.
Add-on+ floral arrangements and bouquets for each individual order.
Bundles will be hand-delivered to your event, individually packaged, and tagged with the names of your guests.
Costs vary depending on chosen bundles, number of orders and seasonal floral availability. Bookings must be made 30 days in advance to ensure product availability. Set-up help will be provided for orders over $3000.
Our warehouse capability holds enough stock to cater up to 100 attendees with a minimum 30-day lead time. We are working on catering the luxury experience to a larger parties as we expand.
Interested? Contact us here.